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Wooden Gifts

Wooden Standard Unit Building Blocks

  • 60 pieces Wooden Standard Unit Building Blocks for Children

    Item Number:07031946
    Material: pine wood
    Contents: 60 pieces blocks
    Paint: non-toxic water based paint
    Size: 5.25'' H x 12.5'' W x 15'' L (packaging)
    Weight: 48.4 pounds
    Age: 3 +

This traditional set of 60 solid-wood standard unit building blocks with a natural finish and smooth rounded edges is beautiful in its simplicity – and a great value!
The blocks come in a lovely wooden crate for easy and convenient storage.
Precisely measured and cut, these carefully-crafted blocks will inspire children to build, stack, and use their imaginations to make all sorts of structures.
Playing with blocks helps develop fine- and gross-motor skills, problem solving, and more. And let’s face it, it’s also endlessly fun to simply watch kids build towers and knock them down! 


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